Please be sure to read over my Terms of Service before commissioning me.
Subjects relating to hate of a group or individual will be declined. I also do not take design commissions based on existing individuals (eg. Celebrities, Youtubers).

All prices listed are base prices.
Additional fees may incur, most commonly from complexity of the commission, or edits that exceed the standard # of edits included in each commission type.

Payment Options
Invoiced payments through Paypal and Paypal only, no exceptions.

You can DM or contact me through Twitter or Discord and message me about what you want drawn. Don't forget to give me the character details (such as references, what pose do you want drawn, etc.)
I will then make a sketch and show it to you to be reviewed (with 2 max revisions).
After you agree with my proposed sketches, you need to pay me in full before I continue. I will inform you once I sent you an invoice through Paypal.
Once I confirm your payment, I will post your name in my queue list.
I'll then finish the illustration ( which might take up to 1-2 weeks especially if your request is difficult) also i will give you 1-2 WIPs to see my progress.

Also I reserve my right to refuse your commission if I feel that I couldn't fulfill your request to the best of my abilities, or if it deals with topics and themes I'm uncomfortable with.

Please speak simply when ask or having conversation with me, English is not my native language. Still, I'll try my best to give the best service for you, thank you for the consideration!

I am comfortable drawing:

Ferals, Anthros, and Humans
Robots (Humanoid/Animal/etc.)
Fan characters & Fan Art
Minor Gore/Violence
NSFW/Suggestive Scenarios
Anthropogenic Environments

What I'm not comfortable with:

Intense Gore/Torture
Abnormal Fetishes
Hate Art
Shipart involving Real People
Overly-Complicated Designs